I have received many calls from residents worried about fire safety who live in tower blocks in our constituency. I wrote immediately last week to the Council and the major housing associations to get reassurance on a number of issues. The Council has confirmed that no tower blocks in Birmingham have been clad in the material used on Grenfell Tower.

This is welcome news but worries remain. Some residents have been in touch with particular concerns eg fire equipment which they believe to be faulty, lack of knowledge about what to do in a fire and so on. It is really important that you let me know as soon as possible if you believe there are any faults which are not being dealt with.

Please let me know using the form below if you have any specific concerns about fire safety in your tower block.

Also, use the form to let me know if you would like me to stay in touch with you once I receive a fuller response from the Council and the Housing Associations.

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